Sally Nash – The People of Preston

Preston Docks

Everyone from Preston has been or goes to Preston Docks on a regular basis. I certainly have. It's always been the place I go whenever I need time to think or just want a short walk. You can find anyone and everyone at the Docks. It holds a lot of memories for me, when living and growing up in Preston.


There is plenty of nightlife in Preston, you’ve got pubs, clubs, and bars. You’re pretty spoilt for choice and you are guaranteed a good time. As a 22-year-old I can safely say I have made lots of amazing memories round Preston with amazing friends. I’ve loved going out and meeting lots of new people and generally just having the best time.  The Ferret is a staple bar in Preston and everyone has been in or at least knows of it. Although, this is only place I have included there are lots of other places such as; The Adelphi, The Warehouse and Roperhall.  

Train Station

Growing up in Preston I have always found the train station such an inspirational place, others might not see it. However, the colours and shapes of the building really inspired my art work. Although it doesn’t look like a train station, I took a photo of a person who works there. During this weird time with Covid-19 it is important to really appreciate the key workers of Preston and the jobs they do. No matter how big or small the job may seem. Therefore, to all the key workers of Preston let me just say a big Thank you!  


Rockprest is a small festival held in Moor Park, filled with brilliant tribute bands. My family have always got tickets every year, creating amazing memories each time. Preston's avid festival goers will always remember the Man with the pink hair. Each year, without doubt, my Mum will take a selfie with him. Still not knowing his name, but the sense of community at Rockprest brings everyone together to just have a good time. 

Preston North End

Preston North End and football in general has been a big part of my life. I remember going onto the football matches with my Dad and Brother most weekends. The main thing I loved about going onto the matches is the atmosphere when Preston would score. The sense of community and support in the matches is contagious and you can't help but join everyone in the celebrations. It helped me and Dad bond more and we would always have a good laugh creating lots of memories.

Sally Nash is a Preston based Freelance Graphic Designer/Artist who primarily works with different software to create framed pieces of art. She fell in love with this process and developed her skills during her time at UCLAN while studying Textiles. Being able to freelance has really allowed Nash to go forward with her true passion and has allowed her to create exciting and beautiful prints.


The Somethings Brewing brief really inspired me to highlight what I love about Preston, the people. With this in mind I wanted to create multiple pieces focusing on bold shapes by enhancing them with abstract colours therefore enhancing the ‘People of Preston’.