Norma Foulds – Virus Emotions

Images 1-6: Until We Can Revisit, 2020, mixed media

Images 7-9: Virus Emotions, 2020, mixed media

Image 10: Preston, 2020, mixed media

Cumbrian born Norma Foulds moved to Lancashire in the 1990s to study at the University of Central Lancashire, where she specialised in sculpture.

After graduation Norma began a teaching career, focusing on teaching children with special needs. 

After completing her MA at The University of Northumbria in Fine Art and Education, Norma began to develop her own work, eventual taking a studio space at Higherford Mill, Barrowford. 

Norma’s work often uses reclaimed materials, collage, print and textiles. Routine and repetition are often elements and themes which run throughout her work. She also develops community-based workshops and makes willow work lanterns with community groups.